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Kristen Berry –
taking care of your animals

Our Story

Years ago, I made a promise to a very special Air Force pilot that I would take care of his puppy. I was more than happy to be tasked with handling a K9 connection to my greatest American hero, my son.

Surely babysitting a dog would be a cakewalk compared to raising an Air Force pilot, right? Not so much.

I knew I was in for a crazy ride when this puppy named “Benji” walked me down the street, went ballistic at the mere sight of another leashed dog, embarrassed me beyond description, but ultimately changed my life, for the better.

I’d never even heard of a Belgian Malinois, let alone tried to train one, but I was going to complete my duty to my son and therefore my country (military mom’s relate!)

With many hours of daily dedicated, committed training, Benji became an obedient dog, and I realized I had what it takes to train any dog.

When the time came for Benji to be reunited with his hero, (that same Air Force pilot) I was proud to return him to our son.

Now you can find me holding the leash of other canines, and training them to the same level of obedience I instilled in Benji.

Aptly named “Private Benjamin’s Training,” most of my sessions are one-on-one with owners and their dogs.

The only time I’m unavailable is when 1’st Lieutenant Berry and Private Benjamin are home for a visit.

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